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Day off

Today was a good recovery day.

1. Put my MBA to good use by solely running the rummage sale and making Php 2000+
2. Got to have a light lunch with good friends in the group, and a slightly decent conversation with the Ivan Te, with insults in between.
3. Did vinyasa and sweat so much, I felt so fulfilled after. (arms hurt too)
4. Was invited to third wheel and watch a childhood favorite, with its Transformers vibe.

Funny kwento. So, I was so annoyed that they weren't morphing into the big robot yet, then... I got surprised that they came out of the hole alive as the giant robot. :))
I so funny.

5. Arrived with my mom in a good mood, asking how my day was.
6. Actually contibuted to the report and school work before reading non-med stuff.
7. Will attempt to watch to sleep.