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Boring old hag

*points up*

That's what I'm turning into.

As the days near that big exam, and then at least 3 years of a 3-day work-life, I find myself excited to see my dogs, take a shower, and clean/organize things at home... and study. -_-'

That I ditched a beach weekend get-away with 2 different people to spend time with family at home... Ayayay. :))

The ironic part is, I actually feel more relaxed.

Climbing a mountain every now and then is fun, but now that it's expected of me while I'm in community, I've spent all my weekends at home or at the doctor, getting work-ups done while I can.

Well, even my OGTT has proven I'm far from becoming diabetic. (even if I gained 5 lbs in internship... and lost it in community. hahaha)

And that going to a good old bookstore or 1 session of yoga is enough to calm my nerves and give my heart the peace it craves.

Oh, my... If I get bored when I get older, at least there will be a lot of the world to explore.

Guess views really change when you get older.

Rushing seems like exhausting so much of yourself.


When I remember how I tried to rush and "get the expected rites of passage over and done with" because I was so foolishly sure I'd be tied down forever, I was so emotionally and spiritually spent.

This... I like this. Things at a proper pace, with proper timing.

They say I'm impatient when it comes to food, but in every other aspect, I honestly think I'm quite the opposite. Because no matter how much time it takes, I'm willing to wait and see things through.

Because not everyone waits.

And nothing is more precious than the gift of time.

I guess that's my most favorite thing in the world now... time.

Very effervescent, yet so, so, precious.

~ In an alternate reality:

3? I'd be lucky to have even 1. :))
Now I'm not sure if I want a girl or a boy.

Really thinking of saving my eggs and finding a sperm donor in 3-5 years.
15k a month... hmm.... Should I?